Fat Dissolving Injections At The Beauty Nurse Aesthetics In Derby & Birmingham


What are fat dissolving Injections?


Fat Dissolving Injections are a series of small painless injections to dissolve fat in as little as 6 weeks.  At the Beauty Nurse Aesthetics Clinic in Derby and Birmingham we use Aqualyx for our Fat Dissolving treatments due to its fantastic results. 

What Is Aqualyx 


 Aqualyx® which is a CE marked medicine that dissolves fat cells when injected into adipose tissue under the skin. The body stores excess energy as subcutaneous fat. Aqualyx® fat dissolving injections are extremely effective in dissolving and sculpting stubborn areas of fat with no downtime and discomfort of invasive liposuction.

When aqualyx fat-dissolving  is injected into the subcutaneous layer underneath the skin it destabilizes the fat cell membrane and causes permanent dissolution of fat cells. A reduction in fat deposits can be noticed when the released fatty contents are removed naturally through the lymphatic system and is filtered out by the kidney in body waste.

Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Prices Derby/Birmingham

One small area £100

Two small areas £150

Three small areas £200

One large area £150

Two large areas £200

Three large areas £300




Arm (bingo wing)

Arm (elbow)

Stomach (upper)

Stomach (lower)

Back fat/rolls



Inner thigh

Bum lift


Full results start to show at six weeks and are permanent.


Patients can return to their daily activities after treatment with minimal discomfort. No uncomfortable compression garment is required after the procedure.

To book your Fat Dissolving Treatments in Derby please use our online booking system. 

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