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Non-Surgical BBL Derby Birmingham & London 

What Is Non-Surgical BBL ?

Non-Surgical BBL is a Dermal Filler Treatment that targets the buttocks hips and sides, creating a more rounded, perkier Bottom, and fuller, more shaplier hip and dips. 



The Beauty Nurse Non-Surgical BBL Faqs

Can I get a Butt Like Kim Kardashian with Non-Surgical BBL? 

Unfortunately, the chances are it is likely 99% Certain that you will not be able to achieve a Kim Kardashian Butt with Non-Surgical BBL treatment, Non-Surgical BBL treatment can gradually increase the volume, create more shape and contour your Butt, Hips, and Dips.

Do Non-Surgical Buttock Hip and Dip Treatments Hurt? 

Clients have a mixed response when reporting discomfort and pain during Non-Surgical BBL, so it's impossible to tell if Non-Surgical BBL is more or less painful than any other Dermal Filler treatment

How Many Sessions are needed for Non-Surgical BBL?

The amount of Non-Surgical BBL treatments required depends on a number of factors IE 

What The Client Wishes To Achieve

Whether Volume or Shape are the main focus

The Original Shape and Size of the Non-Surgical BBL Procedure

At The Beauty Nurse Aesthetics Clinic, we always recommend a consultation with The Beauty Nurse for Non-Surgical BBL Treatments, so that together you can work out the best plan of treatment and ensure that you fully understand the effects and limitations of Non-Surgical Treatments

I want the results I have seen on a before and after photo on Instagram!

Unfortunately, due to the overuse of Editing and photoshopping on Instagram, then chances are, if you have seen a huge difference in just one sitting, you are looking at a heavily edited photo, The beauty nurse Advocates strongly for the Ban of Photoshop and editing Apps in the marketing and promotions of Beauty and Aesthetics treatments, due to the Mis-Selling of treatment ability and Misleading potential clients into thinking they will geta lot more than they actually do. The Beauty Nurse works on the premise that honesty is best policy and appeals to the more experienced Aesthetics Clients who have been there and wore the T-shirt from the Photoshopped Images. During your consultation, you will be given a clear realistic expectation and clear costs of Non-Surgical BBL, Keeping clients informed and happy is one of the most important things at any of the Beauty Nurse Clinics.

How much does Non-Surgical BBl Cost

Non-Surgical BBl Cost at The Beauty Nurse Aesthetics Clinics is a flat fee per ml, so the total cost of Non-Surgical BBL really all depends on how much Dermal Filler is used to acheive your desired results. 

Non Surgical BBL Derby  Birmingham

Where can I get Non-Surgical BBL Treatments in The Uk 

Non-Surgical BBl (Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift) is available at 3 of  The Beauty Nurse Aesthetics Clinics. 

Derby City Centre inside The Intu Shopping Centre

Birmingham at The Beauty Nurse Aesthetics Clinic and Training Academy

The Beauty Nurse Aesthetics Clinic Harley Street London 

Non Surgical BBL Derby Birmingham UK